1st critical reflection about the topic :

My personal reflection about the topic : (my experience)

how the social media is affecting your life and the lives around you?


 Social media changed my life entirely and I think not my life only , acually its chaged our life !

the question now is how ?

how could social media change people life ?

for me the social media is a world itself and that world like a copy from the realistic world . Itsn’t that difficult to know that . Social media helps me to make freinds , helps me to finish my assignment is short duration . Social media give the appropriate experience of different cultures from different countries and all of that from my screen in my home . I think the social media now is the basic way to contact with people and for the marketing guys it’s the basic way to contact with costumer to know what he likes and what he doesn’t . Nowadays , because of the social media and the social networking , i don’t have to set up a meeting with all my freinds to disscus about our assignment , i just have to open my screen and somehow all my frenids is on the screen with sound and picture as well .


~ by bilalbadry on February 25, 2009.

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