TOPIC 3 – 1st Critical Reflection ( the stereotype )


It is an important topic to discuss . it is true that there is many stereotypes in our life , there is many things we think it’s true but it is not . How ?

The STEREOTYPE is the type of information that is popular and we believe it completely without knowing if it’s true . On other word , it is the wrong information we think that it’s true . 

This is what society suffers from . From what people thinking of black people for example . We can say that the black issue is extincted now . That’s happened because of what the media has done to remove this stereotype from the people minds . The other important stereotype which is widely known in western world is THE ARAB . A long research about the Arab stereotype in western world, written by Ayah Bdeir , concluded with ” Arab women are seen by the West as either a highly sexualized member of a harem, or an oppressed, religious woman. The Arab man on the other hand is usually seen as a rich barbaric Sheikh or a ruthless criminal ” . Even though that development of media shown the correct face about the Arab and Islam but it still there are some of these wrong things shown up on the Hollywood movies .



~ by bilalbadry on March 13, 2009.

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