TOPIC 3 – 2n critical reflection ( Stereotypes in hollywood )

( Stereotypes in hollywood )

A new movie called “Trade” , has shown that the Sheikh is such a barbaric man who is rich and want to buy anything even humans . This movie is published in 2007 . Since 1940s , The same stereotype about Arab man . Why ?

I am from the middle east and I know all of what they say about the Arab man is completely wrong . The question is why for more than 60 years the western people still think the same way about Arabs . Of course not all of them but this is what the most of them are believing on . In my opinion this is the Arabs’ mistake , because they didn’t work hardly to remove this stereytype about them . I mean by working hard is using the media to defend theselves and to say that this is wrong . Even though there is some shying trie but its not enough . For example , the western special USA was suffering from the racism . Black & White , everybody knows what they were thinking of Black and how they were treating them since 50 years and more . Now m the president of the USA is black , see the differences and see the power of media .


~ by bilalbadry on March 13, 2009.

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