Topic 4 : My personal reflection on MLC Class Week 7

The short film about the stereotype was really interesting and usefull.

If we looked deeply on our life way we will find that more than 80% of our daily life  is based on the media stereotype like clothes , colors , religions , people  , etc.. .

I think we have to deal with the stereotype by knowledge . That’s what we have to do .

I was thinking a lot about why there are many wrong stereotypes on our life like, the wrong way of thinking about some persons , about some religins and so on . This what the media makers has done . I mean by the media makers is the channels and the movies and producers and all who is working on media field . For example , some producers of movies do not care about if they are presenting wrong informations about religions or persons , all what theycare about is how to earn more money  . If we want a clean world without wrong information we have to be honest with the people who gave us their time to watch a movie or to read a newspaper . This is what I called the honesty of media


~ by bilalbadry on March 18, 2009.

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