Topic 5: 2nd critical refliction ( The actual different )

Obscenity, pornography and indecency

I think more and more about these 3 words and  I think there is a different :

pornography : bad actions    is represented by body

Indecency : bad actions    is represented by tongue

obscenity :  bad actions   is represented by  body and tongue

I might be wrong , but this is not my point , my point is how these actions become such a normal things which you can see any where without event notice that its pornography , indecency or obscenity ?

For example  , the poster advertisement of the lingerie ! . yes it is an advertisement but it is pornography and it is not suitable to be putting on a public location !!

Another example I think it is an example of the obscenity : using women body as an official item in order to marketing the products  . I am saying that because as I learn from the childhood , I have to respect to be respected . The people who use the women that way , do not have to be respected or their products .

 In my opinion , this is abuse , the woman does not have to be treaten that way , There is billions of ways to sell any product but all the buyers would likes to use the easiest way ( dirtiest way , in my opinion ) to seduce the costumers !!! 


~ by bilalbadry on April 4, 2009.

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