After my searching in internet about any material support my talking about women abuse in media , I realizes that all the sites concentrate about the women abuse in the Islamic countries because of Hijab ! why ?  . They didn’t notice that Islam is protecting the women and making them as a closed-beautiful-rose . not any one can insult her, not any one can open this rose . I made a simple comparison between the Arab and Islamic countries and the western countries . In most of the western countries ,The women are like a trade mark to sell a product , not all for sure but this is main face. In the Arab and Islamic countries , they respect the women , they can’t use her as a trade mark . She works ,she creates , she lead companies and every thing like westren countries . 

For sure there is many negative point in both sides about treating women but this point is the main famous one . May be I went far from the original subject but it’s a bit rated to our subject .


~ by bilalbadry on April 4, 2009.

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