Topic 6 : My Personal Reflection on Class

Marshal McLuhan

The medium: the extension of man 

It’s really a great sentence, in my opinion , it is representing the fact of media situation now or on other word , it is explains the relation between the media and the human . Actually this sentence could be explained on many ways but I understand from it that the media define the human opinion ! 

To explain it clearly, I relate it with the computer’s files extensions  like .PSD  .Ai .Doc  or any one

(.Doc) : a computer extension means this file is a document includes many information could be poems or article or any thing 

but  (.Ai) : this extension include drawings

I mean by all of that to compare between   the media controlling of human     and    the computer controlling of file

( it is all about extensions )

Nowadays , we can say for example ,  ( .Fun ) is a media extension of the men who are interesting of movies and songs in media

 ABOUT the presentation document :

To be honest , during the class ,  it wasn’t clear  because it was written on paragraphs’ way  not in points . 



~ by bilalbadry on April 6, 2009.

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