Topic 6: 1st Critical Reflection ( )

What does it (Facebook) extend?
Facebook has extended the actual society , travelling for knowing the people or for making some freinds , and extend people and multimedia such as picture and videos.


What does it make obsolete?
The facebook makes the normal type of making freindship obsolete


What is retrieved?
Facebook retreived the sense of “international socity throw one location , makes the freinfship very easy , give you feelings that you are international person from your computer” 


What does Facebook reverse into if it is over extended?
the over-extension of Facebook ” make the human has no experience about dealing with society “



Facebook effecs :
The facebook is like an E-society !
this is the accurate definition of facebook . it is one of social media places . Its effect is very huge on the personlaity . It makes the users on a a thousands relationships of people at the same time without even knowing them . For me it is a mess !  I can’t imagine to have a freind without even seeing them . On the other hand , Facebook brooke the boundaries between the cultures and the countries which is really good points . It is important to know other poeple culture . 

~ by bilalbadry on April 7, 2009.

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