Topic 6 : 2nd Critical reflection (Projectors)


What does it (Projectors) extend?

Proctors extends the picture , video , sound .


What does it make obsolete?

The projectors makes “the printed items of pictures and the screens” obsolete


What is retrieved?

Projectors retrieved the large size of screens , the small size of device .


What does Projectors reverse into if it is over extended?

Over-extended of projectors makes the TV disappear .


Projectors Effects :

The projectors give the audiences a huge size of screen which make the fully concentrate on the screen .This is surely makes the ability to understand the picture or video much better . Projectors could be linked to any device such as TV , Computer , DVD player , .. etc . Another effect of projector is that its ability to be easy-carried from place to another which makes it the first and best device to view pictures or videos . This has many effects on life because it increase the period of projectors’ usage .


~ by bilalbadry on April 8, 2009.

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