Topic7 : Personal Reflection on class

Media Imperialisim

This is a new term for me , but it is not a new case

in the arab countries there are many media imperialisim in many feilds

such as cinema , TV channel .

For me , media imperialisim is like an emperor .

You have money , you have relations , so build you emperor and start controlling the people’s minds . It’s simple .

Sometimes , it is not about the one who have money or relations , it is anout the one who has the skill that could facinate the people.

Aljazeera Channel , is one of the famous news channel around the world ,

It became like that because they hired very professional people and they started to talk to the people by different way and diferent ideas  not that usaul news channel we used to watch .

so, they are now the first source of news in the arab countries without calling this an imperialisim , because there are many others cahnnels in the arab countreis but the cant be like Aljazeera because of its ability to reach the people easily .

I want to say , Media Imperialisim is a global issue

but we cant called any famous network or company or group ( Media Imperialisim ) because some times they are doing a great job and they deserve to controll the media  .

the stronger will be te the first one


~ by bilalbadry on April 14, 2009.

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