Topic 7 : 2nt Critical Reflection – POSITIVEs of Media Imperialisim

The media imperialisim is a dangerous isuues rising in many countries and spreading out all over the world .

I want to say that its not alway something bad . its represnts the thing that its owners want it to present .

So, if its information is wrong , its worng and dangerous  , and we have to stop it

if  its information is right ,its wright and healthy isuue .

Inthe middle east , there is an example of the positive of Media imperialisim :

ROTANA is a music production company . it produces albums for more than 150 famous arabian singers

It is the empire of music in the middle east .

Rotana gives the singer the freedom to choose his style and his music and everything , in adition to that they advertise the albums in every where  for free.

So , Rotana helps to improve and develop  the music in arab countries

So , it’s a good media imperialisim.


~ by bilalbadry on April 16, 2009.

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