Topic 8 : 1st Critical Reflection

 What kind of culture influences through technology can you see from today’s world?


” culture influences through technology” actually , these influences became part of the culture and hard to discover or separate them and deal with as a just influences .

The technology has been growing since the 1960 s and until now . TV , Computer , Internet , ..etc . Thousands of devices was invented  and changed our life completely without even notice that . It became like a normal or natural development for the culture .

There are  many kinds of cultural influences through technology “positive influence and Negative influence ” . I would like to talk about the negative influences which are the influence we could not feel . That is true , there are some negative influences that innovate our minds and we can’t even feel them , we treat them as a natural development as I said before. I don’t want to complicate the whole thing , it is simple . For example , through your new TV ,  you saw an American guys going to college wearing a Bermuda short, the next day without even notice , you did the same .   

At the main time , No house without any type of technologies . One of the influences that changes our way of life is the way we contact other person and the way we keep in touch with other person . The technology made the contact issue very easy for the people . In this issue, the technology has a positive and negative effects . Positively , we can contact each other easily and sending documentation without leaving the chair  you are sitting on it by using mobile or computer . Negatively , The mobile sends a damage radiation . This radiation could cause some health problem in the heart . This information is known for most of us but we still use the mobile without caring of his radiation ! 


~ by bilalbadry on April 22, 2009.

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