Topic 8 – 2nd Critical Reflection

Is there a possibility to reshape the (new) culture today via new technology, How?


 This really interesting question . Simply , the answer is YES , as the culture has reshaped once by the old technology such as TV , it will reshape twice and more .

Actually, from time to time the culture is changing because of a new technology has just came up . For example ,  in 1990s , When the mobile became a popular device and the contacting became very easy , just press one button . The mobile became the first official contacting device . Nowadays there are many other ways like Email and the people started to think of making the mobile  a secondary device for contacting  . The Email started to be more popular because of its ability to send and receive any type of information . For me , I prefer to contact with people by Email than talking them on mobile because in that way I saved some time and I would be able to send and receive picture and video . After that the mobile started to be a computer-mobile ” sending , receiving , even thinking ” .

Because of  the various new ways of contacting which became popular than the mobile itself , the mobile started to be a computer-mobile like the iPhone . So , we can definitely say that at the main time no one is using the mobile as a mobile , only for calling people . The mobile must sending and receiving videos and pictures and more other than that . 


~ by bilalbadry on April 24, 2009.

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