Topic 7 : 2nt Critical Reflection – POSITIVEs of Media Imperialisim

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The media imperialisim is a dangerous isuues rising in many countries and spreading out all over the world .

I want to say that its not alway something bad . its represnts the thing that its owners want it to present .

So, if its information is wrong , its worng and dangerous  , and we have to stop it

if  its information is right ,its wright and healthy isuue .

Inthe middle east , there is an example of the positive of Media imperialisim :

ROTANA is a music production company . it produces albums for more than 150 famous arabian singers

It is the empire of music in the middle east .

Rotana gives the singer the freedom to choose his style and his music and everything , in adition to that they advertise the albums in every where  for free.

So , Rotana helps to improve and develop  the music in arab countries

So , it’s a good media imperialisim.


When the US media has a positive effect !!!

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It is really funny, 

The imperialisim media of US affect on the woman rights and detroyed other moral issues !

What is Media Imperialism?

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Media imperialism is a theory stating that smaller countries are losing their identity due to the force-feeding of media from larger nations. It can be equated to small community shops closing down due to large superstores moving in, taking over and having a monopoly. As the larger media corporations begin to take over, smaller media companies are either being forced out or swallowed up.

The media coverage of the larger nations has been criticized as having blanket coverage of the world’s events. The mediacontent may be affected by the ability to control the content and amount of media coverage on a particular issue. Many think that media imperialism has led to biased information and inaccuracy within news stories.

Media imperialism is not just seen internationally. When large amounts of media output are produced by just a few, or even one company, then this too is media imperialism. Countries such as Canada and Italy are often accused of mediaimperialism. A large amount of the media output in these two countries is controlled by just one company.

The problem with just one company or owner controlling the media is that media output can be biased. The owner can decide on what information is shown, as well as what to censor. This can sometimes come down to an influence from the country’s government. Media imperialism has often been linked with a lack of freedom of information. A large number of 24-hour news channels have been found to be acting without regard to journalistic integrity. Some countries’ governments will even be dictated to by large manufacturing companies. This is because a great amount of the country’s wealth is brought in from these manufacturing companies. If there is any bad press about these companies, the company will simply move somewhere else.

Another large reason for the existence of media imperialism is due to advertising. Advertisers use media companies to promote their goods but will also lay down stipulations on the content of the media produced. The Canadian Broadcasting Company channel makes at least 25% of its income from advertising. The content of the broadcasting is down to its profits. Many programs shown in Canada are seen to not reflect the Canadian identity.

In Britain, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) operates its own form of media imperialism. The BBC has an annual television license that needs to be bought before you can own a television, regardless of whether you watch the BBC or not. It is similar to going shopping and one shop saying you cannot go shopping unless you pay us a certain amount of money, even if you do not shop with us.

The BBC’s television license fee has caused much controversy over the years. If you do not pay the license, you can be fined up to 5,000 GB pounds (GBP). That is around 10,000 US dollars (USD). There are a number of channels available to watch on British television but only the BBC has the right to charge for theirs. It is not strictly thought of as media imperialism, as the content of the BBC is mainly British, even though it may not represent the multiculturalism present in Britain.

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Topic 7 : 1st Critical Reflection – The relation to Media Imperialisim

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The  Documentary was nice but it was poorely directed , its idea was clear .

The movie explains the real fact of the term ” war on terrorism” . 

The movie shows the exreme power of media whent it became the first effective of people .

So , US Department controlled the media to publish inforamtion about some countries that they are dangerous and they should strike them .

the media changes people ideas and thoughts  , In my opinion the media is the first effective on people ,

So , the politician say , if you control the media , you are controling the people .

Media Imperialisim is  a modern theory that decribes the controlling of media by one person or one thoughts or on group .

Topic7 : Personal Reflection on class

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Media Imperialisim

This is a new term for me , but it is not a new case

in the arab countries there are many media imperialisim in many feilds

such as cinema , TV channel .

For me , media imperialisim is like an emperor .

You have money , you have relations , so build you emperor and start controlling the people’s minds . It’s simple .

Sometimes , it is not about the one who have money or relations , it is anout the one who has the skill that could facinate the people.

Aljazeera Channel , is one of the famous news channel around the world ,

It became like that because they hired very professional people and they started to talk to the people by different way and diferent ideas  not that usaul news channel we used to watch .

so, they are now the first source of news in the arab countries without calling this an imperialisim , because there are many others cahnnels in the arab countreis but the cant be like Aljazeera because of its ability to reach the people easily .

I want to say , Media Imperialisim is a global issue

but we cant called any famous network or company or group ( Media Imperialisim ) because some times they are doing a great job and they deserve to controll the media  .

the stronger will be te the first one

Topic 6 : Marshall McLuhan – Recognizing the Pattern in the Laws of Media

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Topis 5 : 3rd Critical Reflection ( Camera )

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What does it (Photo Camera) extend?
Camera extend Photo .

What does it make obsolete?
Its obsolete the drawing .

What is retrieved?
The camera bring the passed-time again by capturing the picture and save it itno many forms  and present it again any time .

What does the Photo Camera reverse into if it is over extended?
Its really  a hard qouestion to answer but I think if it is over-extended would reflect the bad actions which happened before .

Photo Camera Effect:
the camera capturing life on specific time and present it again any time . It is important to present places , issues , person , memories , news , etc .