Topic 8 – 3rd Critical Reflection

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I think the technology is the most influenced thing in our culture . 

Nowadays , there are many wrong uses of the technology . some of them :

1- using the computer to hack and spy and send viruses to other computers.

2- using mobile to publish  rumors about any persons , it is really dangerous thing .

3- using camera to spy on people .

4- using speaker loudly in un appropriate time like after midnight , I am really suffering from this exactly . my neighbor is doing this !!

And many other thousands of wrong using of technology .


Topic 8 – 2nd Critical Reflection

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Is there a possibility to reshape the (new) culture today via new technology, How?


 This really interesting question . Simply , the answer is YES , as the culture has reshaped once by the old technology such as TV , it will reshape twice and more .

Actually, from time to time the culture is changing because of a new technology has just came up . For example ,  in 1990s , When the mobile became a popular device and the contacting became very easy , just press one button . The mobile became the first official contacting device . Nowadays there are many other ways like Email and the people started to think of making the mobile  a secondary device for contacting  . The Email started to be more popular because of its ability to send and receive any type of information . For me , I prefer to contact with people by Email than talking them on mobile because in that way I saved some time and I would be able to send and receive picture and video . After that the mobile started to be a computer-mobile ” sending , receiving , even thinking ” .

Because of  the various new ways of contacting which became popular than the mobile itself , the mobile started to be a computer-mobile like the iPhone . So , we can definitely say that at the main time no one is using the mobile as a mobile , only for calling people . The mobile must sending and receiving videos and pictures and more other than that . 

Very interesting video about the technology beginning

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This how the technology could reshape our life “Inspiration”

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Just like the picture below , you became a collection of  influences not your self

You are reflecting what you are watching through the technology !! is it true 

Topic 8 : 1st Critical Reflection

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 What kind of culture influences through technology can you see from today’s world?


” culture influences through technology” actually , these influences became part of the culture and hard to discover or separate them and deal with as a just influences .

The technology has been growing since the 1960 s and until now . TV , Computer , Internet , ..etc . Thousands of devices was invented  and changed our life completely without even notice that . It became like a normal or natural development for the culture .

There are  many kinds of cultural influences through technology “positive influence and Negative influence ” . I would like to talk about the negative influences which are the influence we could not feel . That is true , there are some negative influences that innovate our minds and we can’t even feel them , we treat them as a natural development as I said before. I don’t want to complicate the whole thing , it is simple . For example , through your new TV ,  you saw an American guys going to college wearing a Bermuda short, the next day without even notice , you did the same .   

At the main time , No house without any type of technologies . One of the influences that changes our way of life is the way we contact other person and the way we keep in touch with other person . The technology made the contact issue very easy for the people . In this issue, the technology has a positive and negative effects . Positively , we can contact each other easily and sending documentation without leaving the chair  you are sitting on it by using mobile or computer . Negatively , The mobile sends a damage radiation . This radiation could cause some health problem in the heart . This information is known for most of us but we still use the mobile without caring of his radiation ! 

Awesome article about the technology and culture

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When technology meets culture

by: Asst Prof Lim Sun Su

Cultural and social factors existing in different countries result in technology being used in somewhat different ways.

Take the case of Singapore and China. New information-communication technologies (ICT) such as computer and mobile phones tend to encourage privacy as the typical Singapore family is able to afford several pieces of the same technology and place them in individual rooms. As a result, traditional social family activities such as television viewing are becoming increasingly private and solitary.

In contrast, the smaller and comparatively less affluent one-child middle-class Chinese family shares ICT in common areas such as the living room. The success-oriented Chinese culture also leads to parents placing ICT in their own room to allow supervision over their children’s usage in ICT. Hence, television viewing remains largely a family activity in China and so does Internet surfing.

Asst Prof Lim Sun Sun, Department of Communications and New Media (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), has been investigating how cultural values affect the nature of technology adoption in China, Singapore and South Korea, and the social impacts of technology. She conducted ethnographic interviews with children and parents in middle-class families, 20 each in China and South Korea, eight in Singapore.

Interestingly, her findings also reveal how ICT can help to improve intra-family communication in a high-contextual Asian society where the young are not encouraged to talk and question the elder. The content of television and the Internet is found to serve as common topic of interaction for family. Computer-mediated communication systems such as the Short Message Service (SMS) also help to erode communication barriers when family members find it difficult to broach awkward topics face-to-face. 


IMPOSING CONTROL: In this room in Shanghai, the computer and television are both placed in the parent’s bedroom so that the child does not enjoy unrestricted access to them.

Despite its usefulness, technology remains a double-edged sword. Excessive net surfing and plugging onto a MP3 player the whole day impede communication. In a strikingly unhealthy practice, the lack of sibling companionship in China’s one-child family has led to some parents using ICT as a substitute for companionship, allowing their “little emperors” to spend more time on television or on the Internet.

Asst Prof Lim however noted that Asian parents do impose some form of control over their children’s ICT use, and children themselves also demonstrated self-restraint, reflecting their concern on academic success. “People have been fearful of moral hazards such as people spending less time with each other and eroding of family ties since the days of telephone and radio. And today, the fears are still there. But we are not dummies, we don’t allow technology to have autonomy,” she added.

But managing the needs of ICT and its “moral hazards” is a tough balancing act. For instance, South Korean parents are concerned about excessive use of ICT, but they also recognise that in a technology-driven society like theirs, their children cannot be deprived of exposure to ICT. Hence as ICT proliferates into the Asian families, it is important to continue the study of social impact of technology. “We need to understand how technology is being used by the family, and whether they are able to manage moral hazards of technology, while reaping the benefits. It would help policy-makers if they are aware of parental concerns about the adverse effects of ICT, especially when the industry is promoting a new technology,” said Asst Prof Lim. 


MEDIA MAP: A mind map drawn by a 13 year-old South Korean boy, describing how he uses ICT to communicate with family members, schoolmates, relatives, and acquaintances.

To carry the research into the next level, she is now embarking on a related-research direction into how the family setting influences the fostering and transmission of media literacy skills. Asst Prof Lim is a member of the Internet and Media Advisory Committee which advises the Media Development Authority on issues relating to new media literacy and regulation. 

Topic 8 : personal reflection on class

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“The technology reshape our life”

This sentence wasn’t completely clear for me , but I understand it

Then , after that we saw The ACU university’s short movie , it was amazing  how they use the technology to simplify the

university life . In my opinion , The best field to use the technology is in the education field . Computers , Projectors , ..etc .

I remembered when I wan in the elementary school , in the class , we were using  video tapes and TV and presenting the subject on it , it was really amazing to seek knowledge by new way not the traditional one from a teacher .

Some people say , the technology makes the people live in E-society , no talking face-to-face any more . It is true but that doesn’t meant that the technology is bad or not good . You to be smart as this technology is . 

On the other hand , no one can deny that the face-to-face learning is the best way to learn , we have to keep it that way unless we are using the technology wrongly .